Why practice kendo?

The purpose of practicing kendo is: To mold the mind and body, to cultivate a vigorous spirit, and through correct and rigid training,to strive for improvement in the art of kendo. To hold in esteem human courtesy and honor. To associate with others with sincerity, and to forever pursue the cultivation of oneself. This will make one be able: To love his/her country and society. To contribute to the development of culture and to promote peace and prosperity among all peoples. Established by All Japan Kendo Federation 1975.

How much does it cost?

Kids in K-6th grade don't pay dues. For everyone else, dojo dues are $45/month. You'll also need to become a member of the regional and national federations.

What's the age requirement?

We take students as young as kindergarteners. If you're under 18, your parent or guardian needs to be on-site for the duration of the class. (It's OK if they wait in the lobby or in the car, but they need to be on the premises in case of emergency.)

I'm new. What should I wear?

Wear loose workout clothing that allows you to move and reach overhead freely. A t-shirt and long gym shorts would be perfect.

I'm from another dojo. Can I practice with you?

Yes! Please contact us ahead of time.

What if I have to miss a class?

We know it's unavoidable sometimes, but please text or email so we know you'll be absent.

What if I'll be away for an extended period?

In order to stay on our student roster, please notify us that you need to take a leave of absence.

If you're absent for more than one calendar month without notice, you'll be dropped from the roster and considered a new student when you return.